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why-chooseIf you need to purchase a product or service and are faced with the option of buying from a locally-owned business or from a large, national chain, here are some facts you may want to consider:

  • For every $100 spent with a local vendor, $73 (73%) stays in your community, compared to the same purchase with a national company, where only $43 (43%) stays in your community.
  • Buying from local companies can mean as much as 75% more tax revenues for your community, because local businesses do not get the tax breaks that local governments often hand out to attract national companies.
  • When you buy from local companies your money stays in your community, because local business owners are much more likely to spend their money in the community.
  • Local business owners do everything they can to stay “local”, while national companies often abandon their buildings and your community when they find a more profitable location.
  • A locally-owned business loses three jobs for every two new jobs that a national company creates in your community.

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360 Medical Waste Solutions Is Your LOCAL Medical Waste Disposal Company
When it comes to medical waste disposal companies you also have a choice nationally-owned companies and a locally-owned and operated company like 360 Medical Waste Solutions.

Here’s how we compare to some of our national medical waste disposal competitors:

  • Our prices are guaranteed to be at least 20% lower for the exact same services.
  • Unlike our national competitors, we won’t increase your prices during the term of our agreement or slam you with hidden fees.
  • We provide immediate responses and actual solutions from local service representatives not empty promises from a national call center.
  • We don’t hold our customers hostage to a service agreement, allowing them to “opt-out” at any time.
  • Our 100% Money-Back Guarantee means that if you’re not happy with our service for any reason, we’ll refund your money.

How 360 Medical Waste Solutions Stacks Up To The Competition
To see some of the other ways 360 Medical Waste Solutions stacks up to our national competitors, click here to download a copy of our Comparison Checklist.