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Pickup Service

Whether you’re a large or small waste generator we can collect, transport and safely dispose of your biohazardous waste, with our scheduled route pickup service. Our service is available daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly.

OSHA Compliance Training

Your staff can become OSHA compliant with our certified on-line training, at a cost that is 30% -50% less than our competitors’ programs. We provide Bloodborne Pathogens, HazCom and HIPAA training.

Medical Waste Reduction Program

Most medical waste disposal companies won’t help you reduce your medical waste, because more waste from you means more money for them. We can help reduce your medical waste with our three-step Medical Waste Reduction Program.

Free Compliance Review

Not sure if you’re 100% compliant? Our Free Compliance Review can help. One of our certified service representatives will review your medical waste handling procedures and make sure that you’re satisfying all state and federal laws.

Shredding and Records Management Services

We offer more than just medical waste services. We shred, store and scan confidential documents for our medical clients and businesses of all sizes. Combine two or more services and you can save up to 50%.


We offer a full line of waste disposal supplies including corrugated boxes, red bags and reusable plastic containers. We also carry a large variety of Sharps containers ranging from 1 Quart to 18 Gallon….all at a cost that’s likely far less than you’re currently paying.

Reusable Plastic Containers

Our reusable plastic containers meet all OSHA requirements for the safe disposal and transport of medical waste.

Red Bags

Our red bags fit inside both corrugated boxes and plastic tubs.

Corrugated Boxes

Our disposable corrugated boxes are easy to use. When full, just close and seal the lid and it’s ready for pickup.


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