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medical-wasteHave you ever heard of a medical waste disposal company that actually helps customers reduce their medical waste?

Chances are you haven’t and that’s because if your organization makes the mistake of including non-hazardous waste, like paper, cardboard and food into their medical waste stream, it means more waste from you and more money for the medical waste disposal company.

360 Medical Waste Solutions is different. We believe that if we take care of our customers by helping them reduce their medical waste to save money, they’ll become long-term customers. Click here to watch our video.

Introducing Our Medical Waste Reduction Program

360 Medical Waste Solutions can help reduce your bio-hazardous waste with our Medical Waste Reduction Program. Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1: We audit your medical waste stream to determine what percentage of your current waste is actually non-hazardous waste. Then we quantify your potential savings.
  • Step 2: We educate your staff on proper medical waste disposal, so that everyone has the knowledge needed to reduce your medical waste.
  • Step 3: We implement an action plan that includes written policies, effective signage and proper container placement.

Free Medical Waste Audit
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